Surprising scenery

As I get out and about exploring the pasture here it never ceases to amaze me. I actually found this guy back in early November. You see I have wandered the pasture many time before, been out brush mowing, fishing wandering the creek and never noticed this fella. Now maybe he slipped by cause the timing wasn’t right, maybe I was distracted or maybe its because I was out looking for things to photograph.

I have been taking a photography class taught by Richard Barron and am thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. Between the scenery and our horses I have lots of fun things to photograph. The first image posted was captured after taking a long story of a new camera out.


I am looking forward to many more surprising finds as I capture the changing scenery of our place. Well, as long as I do not have a run in with a venomous snake anywhere along the way. Until we meet again….